Staff training and INSET

I currently work with the Deputy Principal to identify and contribute to staff training opportunities at my school.  I am able to use my professional knowledge and skills, in the access and management of information, to contribute to the staff training programme.  With the wealth of knowledge and information available, whether on the internet or in more traditional forms, there are opportunities for independent professional development and I have contributed to sessions which focus on the sources, resources and tools (including professional networking, start pages, RSS feeds) at our disposal to make this information work for staff.
Another opportunity to contribute to staff development is through supporting those completing an MA course through a local university.  I have delivered sessions to staff to help them in their completion of assignments, covering research skills; using the internet effectively; accessing, searching and utilising online databases; managing sources; and referencing and bibliography compilation.  I have also been able to offer more informal advice and guidance to staff when needed, particularly during school holiday periods, in order to support their MA work.

John Iona, Oasis Academy Enfield



Hampton Academy



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