Teen Titles magazine

A wide variety of publishers send selections of brand new teenage books which are then distributed to the Teen Titles Team to read. The books are passed on through School Librarians to pupil reviewers in all City of Edinburgh secondary schools. It is made clear to the young readers that their opinions will be valued and, in almost all cases, published.

Teen Titles has developed quickly since 1993 and is a joint production by the Children and Families Department Publications Unit and the entire Information and Learning Resources staff. Today it is an ‘all-singing all-dancing’ 48 page glossy full-colour magazine, compiled and designed for the teenage market.

Published three times a year, Teen Titles is issued free to all City of Edinburgh Council secondary schools and sold by subscription to schools and libraries from Kirkwall to New Zealand. Authors and publishers also subscribe to Teen Titles. There are currently around 490 subscribers. Subscriptions, together with the sale of the back cover and inner pages to publishers as advertising space, cover the production costs.

Teen Titles is used in schools to develop and promote literacy as well as increasing pupil confidence and critical thinking. Teen Titles encapsulates the ethos of the Curriculum for Excellence ideals of creating effective, contributors, confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful learner1s.

Please use this link to order your copies: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/info/20075/information_for_professionals/389/teen_titles 


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