World Book Day/Night stories

Did you do something special that you would like to share with others for World Book Day/Night?  I am sure there are some amazing stories from school librarians everywhere, please share what you did here.  


Annalise tells us about the gathering in Trafalgar Square on World Book Night:Went to the Trafalgar Square event on Friday Night.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a great hour and a half of mainly authors reading their own and other people’s work.  Highlights for me were Mark Haddon reading Chapter 1 of Stuart: A Life Backwards, Phillip Pullman reading from Northern Lights doing all the voices just like the audio tape, Margaret Atwood just being Margaret Atwood and Alan Bennet whose reading was amusing and moving and who then said that he believed closing libraries was child abuse.”  

Helen from Lichfield speaks of her involvement in World Book Night:I have just got back from a joint event at our public library to give our books away – we had a manga art workshop, a quiz and obviously the free books.  A great night – really want to do it again next year!”


Ros from Chester had a great day in school on World Book Day.  She reports: “A big thank you to whoever shared the idea of staff wearing badges of literary characters, and pupils having to match the pairs. There is a real buzz around the school this morning, as loads of people are taking part. The staff are just as excited as the kids, and are desperately trying to find their ‘partner’ so they can claim their chocolate (fairtrade to fit in with fairtrade fortnight as well)!

We also did a ‘Drop Everything and Read’ for 15 minutes during form time. We had a couple of forms in the library, as well as some support staff and the Head and Deputy Head. Despite a few 6th formers trying to sneak onto the computers (why did they think the library was the place they could get way with this?), it was lovely. I’ve already had quite a few form teachers telling me how much they enjoyed it!” 


 You can also read what the pupils and Librarian at Stromness Academy did on the day on their blog here: 


 What did you do?  Share your successes here!  




2 thoughts on “World Book Day/Night stories

  1. We held a sleepover in our school library with 20 students aged from 12 to 16. Forst we invited parents to join in a murder mystery evening. It was great to see the students and parents teaming up to solve the clues and we’ve had some terrific comments from the parents afterwards. When the parents went home we ordered in the pizza (no sleepover is complete without pizza!) and the fun lasted all night. We left in the morning, tired but happy. We’ve had loads of comments from staff asking all about it and from students who want to come ‘when you do it again next year’. Let me catch up on the sleep from this year’s sleepover before I even start to contemplate repeating it!

  2. Sleepover idea sounsd great!

    For WBD, my gang of Library Helpers produced a magazine full of stories/poems written by pupils. And of course, there was teh usual tokens / assemblies / wall displays.

    For WBN, I distributed 48 copies of Life of Pi to 7 schools in the borough. Just left them in staff rooms for people to take home.

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